CIO-SP3 (Large Business)

Chief Information Officer-Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3)

Government wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Information Technology Acquisitions and Assessment Center (NITAAC) provides a contract vehicle for acquiring a wide range of IT products, services and solutions for the Institutes and Centers of the NIH and all other federal agencies. The focus is to provide government agencies with a mechanism to quickly order needed IT solutions and services at equitable and reasonable prices.  The CIO-SP3 GWAC is designed to support the Federal Enterprise Architecture, the Federal Health Architecture and the DoD Enterprise Architecture, providing a full range of information technology services and solutions to the federal government. 

A CIO-SP3 unrestricted contract was awarded to the Health Informatics and Information Technology Solutions (HIITS) Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) a strategic union of INDUS Corporation, the CTA lead, and Digital Infuzion, and Armedia, LLC. The HIITS CTA was formed for the sole purpose of fulfilling NITAAC’s vision for the CIO-SP3 GWAC. 

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Effective June 2012, and will continue to May 2022

Federal Agencies Served:

This contract applies to all Federal agencies.

Chief Information Officer-Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3) Large Business